About Princess + Frog

We are PRINCESS + FROG, a two-girl team working to create pretty fashion dolls for collectors who appreciate fun, colorful, magical faces. We chose the name because it's all about transforming something rather plain into something much more exciting---which is, after all, what repainting dollies is all about.

PRINCESS is the little artist....

She chooses which dolls to repaint.
She decides how they are to look (expression? colors? mood?). 
She prepares them for their transformation by removing their old faces.
She selects their name and dresses them for their fashion shoot.
She packs our dolls for shipping.
She is an apprentice repainter, and Frog only lets her paint mouths (sometimes).
She is a little bit opinionated, which is why she gets to be Princess.

FROG is the big artist....

She purchases our dolls and art supplies.
She bravely takes artistic direction from Princess (well, most of the time!).
She shoots and edits our digital photos.
She is in charge of our business and online stuff.
She is a professional dolly repainter, and has repainted a lot of them.
She wears magnifying glasses when repainting, which make her eyes look
  very big, which is why she gets to be Frog.

If you ever have questions about our repaints or anything else, or would just like to chat, you are quite welcome to email us here at princess.frog.repaints@gmail.com. You can also follow this blog by email and receive updates when we post new things, and find us on Facebook, too.

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UPDATED 2017 ~ Well! The above was written in 2011, and the little Princess is not so little anymore. I discovered she doesn't like ponies so much (what?!?), but she still loves dolls and remains my not-so-little helper.....

We look forward to seeing old friends and meeting new ones as we relaunch 2017 with more pretty  Princess+Frog dollies!