June 20, 2017

Francesca - a Dolly Adoption!

Available for adoption today is the colorful FRANCESCA, a former Ashton Drake Simply Gene Blonde who begged to have her golden locks chopped off and this vibrant flame-haired wig perched atop her head instead. Dashes of fuchsia, gold, and coral mixed with ruby-red frame her emerald eyes and are a perfect match for the Tonner Betty wig; she’s a Gene with a fiery modern attitude.

The Simply Gene head and body used for this repaint has no staining and no yellowing at all; however, her neck seam is not sealed. If you turn her head and strain the seam, it will open slightly. Typically, I would super-glue such a seam, but I’ve not done this as it’s barely noticeable unless you actually turn her head and try to open it. However, I have reduced her price quite a bit!

You can view FRANCESCA in the Dolly Adoption room; just email if you’d like to bring her home.