May 5, 2017

Marietta - a Dolly Adoption!

MARIETTA, a Hollywood Cissy repaint, has just been listed on the Dolly Adoption page. This girl has been by my side for many years. I repainted her in 2005 during a week at a local art gallery, demonstrating what doll repainting was all about. She then traveled with me whenever I showed my repaints and was displayed to many adoring eyes---children were completely awestruck with her and often thought MARIETTA was real! Those were fun days.

Although she's cute as a bug, she is mini show-stopper in her original Hollywood Cissy glam ensemble. I'm including it with her, and you can see a pic of what it looks like on the Adoption page.

MARIETTA herself is in excellent condition for her age; I didn't find any real flaws on her. Her blonde wig has been loosened from the original style; with moistened fingers it can be reshaped and the curls made a little more defined and smooth, but it is a bit wild and curly.

If your heart melts at cute faces, this dolly might win your heart!


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