March 19, 2017

Momoko - Commission Showcase

Goodness, the date of my last post is 2014! And here we are, three years later in 2017, rolling out a new repaint once more---all dolly repainters know it: no matter how long we stay away from a dolly face, we always come back eventually!

This sweet little girl is ‘Momoko’, formerly an Effner Ana repainted on commission for a very dear client of mine. Not only does she get a mention here, but she also is headed for a place in The Lily Pond’s gallery. (If you don’t recall what the Lily Pond is, it’s a little side project of mine, a place where I showcase only Asian dolls).

But back to the business of repainting. It’s true that Princess+Frog has been away from the doll world for a few years. What’s wonderful is how many clients still keep in touch, both personally and in being Facebook friends. My commission book has been open off and on, but for the most part I’ve been busy with other things (real-people faces, and also horses---horses not an unwelcome distraction, eh?). Yet dolls always remain, a few from my own collection sitting on my shelves and winking at me daily. I think now is the time to get the tiny brushes out for the tiny faces and get back to work.

So what do I have coming up? A gorgeous Ellowyne repaint. A Gene repainted in the old ‘Illustrated Girl’ style. A kinda-sorta goth Angelina. I have older Tonners remaining in my nude-doll inventory, and I really must put some faces upon them. And because I so much enjoyed painting little Momoko pictured here, I’ll be adding more Asian dolls to The Lily Pond. I'll be listing the dolls available here and on my Facebook page.

Let the fun begin; it’s great to be back! Do drop me a line if you’d like to chat, or let me know what kind of repaints you’d like to see in the future---there certainly are some new faces out there to explore.