March 30, 2013

Katsue - a Dolly Adoption!

Introducing KATSUE, our second Prudence Moody repaint, now a gentle-eyed Asian cutie. She is the latest addition to our sister-site, The Lily Pond, where all-Asian repaints are showcased.

She's had subtle sculpting to eyes and mouth to create complementary almond shapes within her face---with all the Asian dolls I've repainted, I use this technique to create a repetitive harmony throughout; with KATSUE, it's ovals---with some of the others, I've used triangular shapes (hmm, a form of facial feng shui?).

KATSUE's colors are unusual for me; I tend to choose pinks or browns for neutrality's sake, but this time the dolly asked for these beautiful soft shades of cobalt and turquoise and emerald and citrine. Her eyes are a dark brown; they may look nearly black in the photos but are more noticeably brown in person. KATSUE's lips have been painted deep fuchsia to match the streak of color in her black hair. Her brows are brown-black, and are thick and straight.

KATSUE was listed for adoption yesterday at The Lily Pond, where all-Asian repaints are showcased....if you go there, you can see other photos of her. KATSUE has already found a home, but if you'd like to be on The Lily Pond first-to-know email list, just drop us a line with your email address. My Asian repaints are available to purchase one day before they are listed here at PRINCESS+FROG or on Facebook!


March 22, 2013

Basmah - a Dolly Adoption!

There are still several Simply Genes left in our dolly storage room---I've hidden them from PRINCESS, who adores their wild hair---to save them for myself, because Gene remains my favorite doll of all time. I know there are a few of you out there who also love her, which gives me a reason to repaint her every now and then!

This is BASMAH, and her face is exquisite---rather sensuous and wistful---classic Gene soulfulness. A former Ashton Drake 'Simply Gene Raven', she is in excellent shape for a vintage doll. She's available tonight in the Dolly Adoption room for a very reasonable price, and looking for a new home!


March 19, 2013

Leilani - Commission Showcase

I've never been sure how Evangeline Ghastly would look as a repaint, but LEILANI---our first repaint of Miss Ghastly---made me and PRINCESS realize that she's a pretty cool dolly.

What we've been missing!

PRINCESS is now scouring the Wilde Imagination website for another Ev and making a huge wishlist of outfits she'd like to have....while I have my sights set on transforming Parnilla in the near future---I find her face irresistible.

It isn't fair that dolls can be such fun for grown-ups!