February 21, 2013

Shoshanna - a Dolly Adoption!

Better late than never! A few things came up in the past weeks, so we didn't get our planned dollies up here on the blog, but I'm happy to present now SHOSHANNA, our second Amber repaint.

The hair color options for a wigged doll are always so numerous---and I'm a Libra and PRINCESS is a little girl---so of course we have a long and difficult time deciding what makeup colors to use for face and lips. For SHOSHANNA, we settled on our favorite neutral palette that will coordinate with lotsa different-colored wigs, and created a face that smolders forth a smoky charcoal-lined gaze framing emerald eyes. She is being sold with her platinum wig, however, no matter how much we wanted to put her in deep auburn curls or punky pink & black.

(PRINCESS thinks she's far prettier than Ellowyne---that's an opinion bound to start some jealous fights between the girls!)

SHOSHANNA is available in the Dolly Adoption room right now. More pictures are there, too, so please do take a look if you'd like to bring her home.