August 12, 2012

Vasyah - a Dolly Adoption!

At The Lily Pond, our sister blogsite featuring all-Asian repaints, an unusual beauty is available for adoption.

VASYAH v.1 is darkly exotic, with unique Eurasian features---almond eyes with a dash of theatrical liner made all the more penetrating shadowed by her straight black brows. She is Tonner's new Aiko sculpt from the Freedom For Fashion series; she has the small-busted delicate Antoinette body with fantastic articulation, and the pale cameo skintone. This pic shows her hair rolled and pinned, but she is sold with her original hair untied, long and loose.

More pics of VASYAH and info can be found in the Dolly Adoption room here at PRINCESS+FROG.

If you'd like to be first-to-know when The Lily Pond repaints are available for adoption, please email and let me know---I give a 24-hour heads up to those signed up on The Lily Pond list!


August 9, 2012

Nimue - a Dolly Adoption!

This bright-eyed missy we call NIMUE, our second repaint of Lizette, a former 'Essential/Wigged Out' which means this lovely auburn hair you see is a removable wig. We chose pastel floral hues to accentuate her vibrant green eyes--her colorful face looks flirty and fun framed in other wig colors---platinum and raven are my other favorites.

NIMUE is in the Dolly Adoption room today, with more pics to view. As always, layaway is available.

(Update: NIMUE is sold! Thanks for your interest!)....

Thanks for looking!