July 27, 2012

Coco - a Dolly Adoption!

Well, we finally--finally!--did a repaint of Miss Prudence Moody! And she's so sweet that we are honestly thinking here at PRINCESS+FROG that Ellowyne needs to disappear for awhile while we add a dozen more of Pru to our gallery (don't worry, that won't happen precisely---we have a lusciously naughty Ellowyne coming soon)!

Prudence has been renamed COCO for obvious reasons---I experimented with different eye colors and PRINCESS and I voted the dark-chocolate brown as winner. We added a swingy perm of chocolaty curls plus our hallmark straight brows to add some innocent oomph to her gaze. She is just impossibly cute.

COCO can be found in the Dolly Adoption room today--she has five more pics there to view. We hope you like our debut Prudence!


July 1, 2012

Sara Joy - a Dolly Adoption!

This extremely exotic lady is SARA JOY, a former Tonner Nu Mood Carrie, the latest dolly featured over at The Lily Pond, our blogsite devoted entirely to Asian repaints.

Most of my repaints begin with a wash of colored inks during the 'sketch' process, then are finished with acrylic paints. SARA JOY is an example of a technique involving extensive color glazing in many layers over a monochromatic underpainting. It takes days with continual adjustments. Opaque layers are added to finish. The result is depth and drama presented in an unusually soft style.

SARA JOY is available here on the Adoption Page today; you'll also find my Kish ANGEL Song repaint with a drastically reduced price---she is an exquisite little dolly, so we're really hoping someone will want to bring her home eventually!

A Happy and Safe Independence Day to all our American dolly friends!