June 22, 2012

Alexandrah on eBay....

ALEXANDRAH, our first repaint of Imperium Park's Theodora Curiosity Bennett, was an ambitious project! She was certainly one of the most challenging sculpts ever, with several symmetry conflicts that make a portrait-style repaint difficult. I solved the problem with some subtle resculpting of her features---her eyes a bit, but most notably her mouth, which is now closed, full-lipped and slightly pursed. Her eyes are gorgeous---big, brown, darkly-lined and thickly lashed, and shadowed in dramatic jewel shades. ALEXANDRAH can go from a long-haired old-fashioned Lady to a modern Miss with a simple change of clothes.

ALEXANDRAH is on eBay tonight in yet another of our Special Auctions---that's right, $1 opens, no reserve. You can view this beauty here; her auction ends in five days next Wednesday at precisely 711pm PST.

Happy Summer!


June 17, 2012

Lourdes on eBay....

Tonight on eBay we have the beloved former Simply Gene 2000, she of the long and lusciously wavy platinum tresses. We call her LOURDES.

With this dolly I revisited the look of my earliest Gene repaints, emphasizing pale half-lidded eyes and stylized brows; she is a little bit old-time glamour and a little bit fantastic---just the way I love Gene best.

You can view this five-day auction here. It ends on Friday, June 22 at 7:00pm PST, and is one of our Special Auctions---$1 opens and no reserve, which means there is a very good chance of acquiring this girl for an extremely good price!


June 4, 2012

Irina - Commission Showcase

This newly-completed commissioned dolly, IRINA, was a fun challenge. Her owner loved our recent Gene repaint (Vivienne) and wanted similar colors---lime-citrus eyes and a sleepy-sultry gaze and that vibrant persimmon-red mouth. We love the combination of those shades with her curly dark auburn hair!