May 19, 2012

Suzume - a Dolly Adoption!

Due to the curiosity regarding Miss SUZUME, who appeared yesterday in The Lily Pond, we've decided to list her for adoption rather than proceed with her planned auction next week...which still will happen if she doesn't find a home this week.

SUZUME is a former Ellowyne Wilde 'Prudence Dressed Me', and comes costumed in the kimono as shown. You can find more pics of her in the Dolly Adoption room.

She has a very interesting face, created with a traditional Asian style of gently pointed angles and neutral colors---peach and nude mauve and such. Her eyes are a deep umber and black, and her lashes very minimal. It was fun to bring a touch of the Orient to Ellowyne....I can't wait to do this look again on a blonde!


May 18, 2012

The Lily Pond

I'd like to introduce THE LILY POND, a special new blogsite showcasing my Asian repaints exclusively....

I'm a member of the small-but-dedicated group of fashion doll collectors who adore Asian sculpts and faces, and in recent months I've been indulging myself entirely---slowly creating an ongoing collection of Eastern-inspired beauties. Quite honestly, I'm repainting them all for me---the first time in my dolly career that I've had the time to do such a thing---but would love it if someone who shared my passion for Asian dolls would like to add one of my creations to their own collection.

So...THE LILY POND is where my new girls will be seen and available for adoption; being my spare-time project, there won't be a prolific amount of dolls being shown there, but I do hope they will reflect some of my best repaint work.

There are three dolls posted there now:  ANZU, formerly Tonner Aiko....ANGEL, which is my little Kish already shown here who didn't sell on eBay....and SUZUME, an Asian interpretation of Ellowyne. SUZUME doesn't yet have an active link with pics, as she will be auctioned in the coming weeks.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to be first-to-know about new dolls listed there . There will be more Tonner, Madame Alexander and even Disney sculpts coming up. Visit THE LILY POND here!


May 17, 2012

....special announcement!

Making way for summertime! School gets out in a month for PRINCESS and June starts the art exhibition season for me, FROG. While I continue to recover from my icky illness and get back on track with commissions, we've decided to have a really special summertime clean-out....

In the coming weeks, we'll be listing dollies on eBay at $1 opening bid with no reserve. Ellowyne, Imperium Park, Tonner, Gene will be listed. Auctions will be 5-days long. If you see a dolly that you like, please bid! This may be your chance to get a PRINCESS+FROG repaint for...a...very....low...price. 

The first girl available is the undoubtedly unusual HEAVEN, shown here. She's a former 'Sweetly Sullen' Ellowyne with a decidedly dual nature---take a look at her auction here and you'll see she is both beauty and bohemian. She is, actually, my personal favorite Ellowyne repaint and I do so want her to have a good home! Happy bidding!


May 14, 2012

Farina - Commission Showcase

This lovely floral-hued beauty is FARINA, a former Essential Ellowyne 4, another recently finished commissioned dolly. Her owner requested color and vibrancy and violet eyes---FARINA wears a garden palette of raspberry, fuchsia, marigold, violet, periwinkle, and peachy rose---perfect colors for those penny-colored tresses!


May 12, 2012

Cendrillon - Commission Showcase

This girl we call CENDRILLON, a just-finished commission for a client overseas. Formerly 'Stroke Of Midnight' Sydney Chase, her owner wished us to emphasize the fairytale look of this enchanting dolly. Her hair is a delight...a sort of lattice-work braid extending into long and loopy curls.

As some of you may know, we have been quite ill over at PRINCESS+FROG! PRINCESS had a very mild illness about six weeks ago, but poor ol' FROG has been hit hard with the dreaded Whooping Cough for the past month. With the help of some massive antibiotics, I'm at least not coughing in convulsions even if I'm not feeling altogether well---apparently I have some weeks to go on that. We are slowly getting back on track with our 2nd Quarter commissions and thank everyone for their understanding and patience.


May 2, 2012

Angel Song on eBay....

PRINCESS loves Monster High dolls, and FROG (that's me) loves Asian dolls. When I was a child, my Merchant Marine uncle brought me dolls from his travels in the East---Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, India. I wore them out over the years, just from holding them and touching their exotic costumes. To this day, I make a beeline towards dusty old Nishi dolls I find in antique shops and will bring them home if the price is right.

Lately I've been working on a selection of Asian repaints in various sculpts; I want to feature them all on a separate blog for those of you who also love Asian dolls. But more on that later....

This sweet little Kish Urban Song is the first of my Asian repaints offered for sale---her name is ANGEL SONG, and that is because she is so adorably angelic in her new curly platinum wig and dark side-glancing eyes. She comes with the blue kimono you see in the pic. She's on eBay tonight, in a 7-day auction ending Wednesday, May 16th. Click here to view more...

We're planning on a dolly adoption or two this month, but unfortunately, the little cough I had has turned into something more serious, and I've been bedridden the last week---things have gotten behind. Knock on wood that the cough will go away and PRINCESS and I can get our photo shoots finished!