April 27, 2012

Minka on eBay....

We've just put MINKA up on eBay tonight.

This dolly features a new lip style---we've always loved the pert open-mouth look, and a little re-sculpting has allowed an even more pert and open expression to be painted upon it....she's rather kissably cute!

This is a five-day auction ending on Wednesday. We hope someone decides to take her home!


April 4, 2012

Virginie - Commission Showcase

Today, a commission showcase: VIRGINIE, formerly the luscious Tonner Daphne Dimples! Another one of Tonner's most gorgeous sculpts, Daphne was from the old Brenda Starr line. VIRGINIE's owner (who also did the re-root of Tibetan lambswool) requested one of my favorite looks---smoky pale eyes and pastel hues all around.