March 31, 2012

Vivienne on eBay....

PRINCESS wasn't around back when ol' FROG was repainting a lot of Gene Marshall dolls, so she can't quite understand why I was so excited to start work on VIVIENNE, a repaint of Integrity's 'Essential Gene Blush'. It's because Gene is my #1 favorite doll, that's why!

But I've repainted just a few of the Integrity Genes; the sculpt is entirely different in many ways from the original Ashton Drake Gene, and for that reason seems like an entirely different doll to me. Integrity's sculpt is symmetrical and tight; there is little freedom to play with the features in the same way the looser Ashton Drake Gene sculpt allows.

More Gene repaints of both Integrity and Ashton Drake are in the works---I'm not entirely sure anyone out there still collects repainted Gene in her many guises, but if you do, perhaps you'll find a new girl to add to your collection. VIVIENNE? She's on eBay right here, in all her red-garbed glory....


March 29, 2012

Frogs, Princesses, and doing Art....

PRINCESS, also known as my daughter Kitty, was the instigator for us starting our repaint venture last winter 2011--but she has also been the main inspiration for me to renew my own personal exploration of art. For many years it was a struggle to have a young child and also feel the tug of wanting to create stuff---but well worth it to be able to create things with her now, especially with our shared love of dolls.

I know several repaint artists who, in the last decade, have had their daughters join their dolly enterprises as they grew older and began to demonstrate their own talents with dolls. We will no doubt have many second generation OOAK artists joining the world of repaints and fashion in the next decade!

For all those OOAK dolly moms out there, I invite you to visit artist Tammy Mae Moon's new blog, 'Creatrix', which seeks to inspire and connect artists who are moms, and discusses the rewards and challenges of juggling art and motherhood. It is not a doll-related blog, but is geared towards all who seek to balance motherhood and the artsy muse inside us.  Tammy just posted an interview with me, FROG---and several images of PRINCESS as I've painted her.  Click here to visit...

(The pic shown here is called 'Sleeping Dollies'---I never realized when I painted it that Kitty and I would someday share a dolly venture, but it certainly immortalizes the moment she fell in love with dolls, carrying this certain dolly around with her constantly---can you spot Simply Gene Blonde?!)


March 27, 2012

Commissions Open for April/May/June....

We're now taking repaint commissions for 2nd Quarter April/May/June 2012....

If you're interested in having a repaint created to your specifications, check out the 2012 Commissions page for fees and procedures.

Please email if you have questions or need additional information!


March 25, 2012

Bambi - a Dolly Adoption!

Are you needing a dolly to adopt?

BAMBI has lush dark blonde curls that are fun to play with, a pert and pouting persimmon mouth, and her big brown eyes will steal your heart!

An Ellowyne repaint of 'Mistakenly Sad', BAMBI awaits a new home on our Dolly Adoption page....layaways happily accepted!

(Bambi has since been sold and renamed GEORGIANA!)


Kimmee Kat on eBay....

This little charmer is KIMMEE KAT, our fashionista version of Monster High's Toralei Stripe. Her warm peachy tone is a perfect match with the frou-frou colors we've given her---pretty pink and turquoise and violet and vibrant green---but we had the most fun selecting the beach bunny (er, kitty) wig that now sets atop her cute little ears. She's divine as a blonde!

KIMMEE will be on eBay tonight at 610pm PST in a five-day auction ending on Friday (click here).....and....we've put an opening bid of just $1 with no reserve to celebrate getting our Facebook 'likes' up to 50 count!

Thanks for all your support!


March 22, 2012

Rainbow - Commission Showcase

The frostiest of the Monster High gang, Abbey Bominable, is shown here as RAINBOW, a name given her for the bounty of different colors painted upon her face...which are a bit hard to discern in this tiny photo! Emerald eyes shadowed in fuchsia, orange, cobalt, ivory and plum are lined with deep navy theatrically-styled lashes; her hair has been poofed for added volume....

(Speaking of Monster High, stay tuned: we have a Toralei repaint available this weekend!)....


March 21, 2012

Chloe - Commission Showcase

Introducing CHLOE, a 14" Kish Chrysalis Raven repaint who will go into the collection of a dear friend of mine! It's been some time since I had a Kish dolly in my hands---repainted at the same time was 14" Urban Song, who will show up on our blog in the future. Kish dolls continue to have some of the most endearing, recognizable and unique sculpts around.


March 4, 2012

Dinah Dryad on eBay....

No, no! We've not forgotten our Monster High fans, although recent weeks would leave you to believe that Ellowyne has taken over our studio....

This is DINAH DRYAD, daughter of a Wood Nymph, a wild little girl that PRINCESS and I dreamed up and are bringing to you tonight on eBay.

Formerly Clawdeen Wolf, you can read here on her auction layout about how she acquired that crazy green hair and lost her wolfish ears! (The photos are very storybookish; we used a 3D painting created by PRINCESS in 2008 for the background). Her opening bid is a little higher than usual, due to all...that...time...spent on her hair....