February 23, 2012

Siouxsie Too - Commission Showcase

Isn't that sneaky? In the midst of our many commissioned Ellowyne repaints, we managed to sneak in this repaint of Sydney Chase! She is called SIOUXSIE TOO, after a most favorite past dolly from some years back, as she shares a similar face. Sydney: our vote for Tonner's most unique and beautiful sculpt.


February 22, 2012

Prem - Commission Showcase

Our final dolly in our commissioned Essential Ellowyne trio is PREM, very much the naughty one of the three. She has two-tone turquoise and vibrant green fantasy-styled eyes shadowed in fun shades of cobalt, plum, bright fuchsia and powdered chartreuse. One eyebrow is slightly raised, and her mouth is open just a bit---she's saying something!


February 21, 2012

Beatrix - Commission Showcase

Continuing with the second of our Essential Ellowyne commissioned repaints, this is the redhead, BEATRIX. She's been repainted with pale lilac eyes that have been scaled in size to more realistic proportions; her lips are a muted coral highlighted with the same rose-pink coloring her cheeks. She's peaceful, quiet, shy and simply pretty.


February 20, 2012

Audra - Commission Showcase

We began commissioned work on three Essential Ellowynes---blonde, red and brunette---in January. The first of these is AUDRA, a dolly who now wears a side-glancing look of curiosity on her face; she has darling big green eyes lined in emerald and azure blue, and a perky persimmon-colored mouth with lips pursed into a tiny ooo!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we'll post the second and third of this trio....


February 19, 2012

A Dolly Adoption!

We can't let February pass without some dolly that was born to wear red, and SABINE certainly fits that description. A former 'Sushi For One' Ellowyne, she is the original version of last post's MARCHELINE and shares her facial features as well as her technique---SABINE is a grisaille repaint layered with transparent color that creates a vintage effect.

SABINE is available on the Dolly Adoption page today; please take a look if you wish to provide her a new home!


February 16, 2012

Marcheline - Commission Showcase

This exotic little beauty is MARCHELINE, an Ellowyne Wilde repaint/restyle and one of our newly completed February commissioned dollies.

MARCHELINE is an example of a grisaille repaint...she was first repainted in monochromatic shades of mixed sepia/black/white, and then transparent color glazed atop. Her owner loves the vintagey look!

MARCHELINE's hair was restyled with two braids tied atop and behind her head. We love this look on the long, straight-haired Ellowynes; it's easy to do and goes from exotic to elegant if you tie the length back, too, into a ponytail.

If you like MARCHELINE, stay tuned for an upcoming Dolly Adoption for a raven-haired version of Ellowyne with this same face.


February 14, 2012

Bella Past Midnight on eBay....

We're excited to finally debut a Tonner dolly!

PRINCESS has set me free to do pretty much as I please on the 16" Tonners, so all those future girls who will be appearing here have their inception in my paint-hazed brain (insert gleeful grin here!). The first of these is BELLA PAST MIDNIGHT, a smoky-eyed repaint of 'Bella's Birthday'.

Offered in an absolutely gorgeous gown by Gaylejoy, this is a grown-up BELLA who has seen more than a few moonlit nights on Edward's arm! Gosh--I really loved this ensemble, which has been in my personal collection for several years--but once I dressed her in it for the photoshoot, I knew I had to let it go with BELLA herself (well, to be honest there was a tug of war over the idea--PRINCESS wanted to keep both BELLA and her dress!).

Check out the photos of the beauteously dressed BELLA here. This seven-day auction ends next Tuesday night at 650pm PST.


February 9, 2012

Raven on eBay....

RAVEN is an obvious name for our first Lizette repaint, given that she's wearing the raven's-wing black 'Feeling Drained' wig---but it's also just a cool name for this chic honey-skinned dolly with the big blue charcoal-lined eyes. Of note is the style in which she's been painted, which hearkens back to the 'illustrated' look of my past repaints---a combination of super-soft brushwork with some defined lines that are more artwork than simple face-up. PRINCESS calls her face artistic, so we're going with that!

RAVEN is a gorgeous girl who has been purposefully repainted in colors that will go with just about any wig color you can think of, even with her thick dark brows. We are very limited in our Wilde I. wig selection here, otherwise we would have taken many more photos of various colors, but we can tell you RAVEN looks smashing in many shades of red/auburn and blonde (especially platinum).

We had fun searching our wardrobe and narrowing down the choices of what she would wear in her photo layout. Her colors are plum, fuchsia, emerald, cobalt blue, rosy pink---so many of the dark or vivid Ellowyne fashions look perfect on RAVEN, but in the end we stayed with our birdy theme and went with some basic black in a sparkly rhinestone-accented vintage Tonner jacket.

RAVEN is on eBay tonight in a five-day auction ending on Tuesday. You can view her right here....


Bubbles on eBay....

Our second Lagoona repaint is on eBay tonight, and her name is BUBBLES---her greatest love is hanging out on the beach with a frankenberry dacquirie in hand, watching the sun go down! Like our recent 'Pin-Up' Frankie, BUBBLES has cheesecake tendancies and the camera loves her. :)

BUBBLES is in a five-day auction ending next Tuesday---view more photos and her info right here....


February 3, 2012

Lilli - Commission Showcase

Introducing LILLI, one of our commissioned dolls finished this week, just in time to show off for Valentine's Day. Formerly Essential Ellowyne Debut, we transformed her into this sweet-faced girl with a curly bobbed hairdo and big side-glancing sky blue eyes. She has extra high-color on her cheeks to give her an especially flushed look---she is most certainly dressed up with someplace to go :)