January 30, 2012

A Dolly Adoption!

There is a precious Frankie available today in our Dolly Adoption room, and because she was such a natural for our camera, we decided to call her PIN-UP! There are lots of pics to look at---if you're so inclined, please take a look and let us know if you'd like to bring her home.

Some additional news....

*....we are busy finishing up January commissions and getting ready to start February dollies....January folks can expect to get some updates with photos soon (don't you love that word, soon!)....

*....Lizette arrives in our little home by the lake today; PRINCESS will choose the makeover details for one of them, while FROG gets to choose the look for the other. One will be up for auction, the other will be available in the Dolly Adoption room....in February? We hope so....

*....we have several Tonner dolls that are ready to go; we've been waiting to get our studio lamps set-up in order to get optimal pics....

*....regarding shipping! We are finally getting some smaller shipping boxes to fit our Monster High cartons, so hopefully this will save on both domestic and international shipping in the future. We've sent a few dolls to international destinations via First-Class mail, and they've arrived faster than both Express and Priority (go figure!).

*....we've had some requests for layaway options. Yes! If you'd like to purchase one of our dolls and need a payment plan, we'll be happy to do a short-term layaway for you....

That's all for today!


January 24, 2012

Aimee Luv - Commission Showcase

Well, a commissioned repaint of Monster High's Cupid wasn't precisely what her new owner was expecting, so AIMEE LUV's face has been mostly removed and reworked since this photo was taken---but we liked this first version enough to put her in the Gallery as an example of our debut Cupid repaint!

Since Mattel hasn't officially released this doll yet (I believe that date is, understandably, Valentine's Day), you can find her only on eBay for an arm and a piece of your heart---but rest assured that PRINCESS and I will get right to work on repainting her the moment she arrives in our little village here by the lake!


January 23, 2012

Bebe on eBay....

We are wading into dangerous territory with our MH repaints lately, because twice in the last week PRINCESS has asked why we 'just can't keep them'. Now, this is a strange request coming from her, because she has a vast collection of Monster High dolls kept strictly for 'posing and dressing' (she insists she doesn't play with them), and she is adamant that these play---er, posing---dolls are original-paint versions. But suddenly our repaints are exuding some kind of appeal to her and she's coming up with reasons why they must remain at our house. 'Just to look at', she says (just).

While PRINCESS continues to try convincing FROG to keep our dollies for at-home eye-candy purposes, we managed to put our first Abbey Bominable repaint on eBay in a five-day auction ending on Saturday at our usual time of 7:11pm PST.

You can view her---BEBE---here....


January 22, 2012

Ruby - Commission Showcase

We at PRINCESS+FROG are finishing up some of our January commissioned repaints, and will be sharing some of them for your Dolly Viewing Pleasure as they are completed.

This precious girl is RUBY, formerly Essential Ellowyne, Too---brown-eyed and possessing simple but effective (as we like to say) beauty! We love her cascading copper curls (tied in a topknot and pinned) and especially her apple-red lips. She is wearing Tonner's Red Apple Rouge sweater dress ensemble. PRINCESS wanted to keep this dolly---but then, she is starting to want to keep all our repaints lately (ahem), and not just the Monster High ones.

Stay tuned for more commissioned dollies being shown off here, as well as a super-cool Abbey Bominable auction coming up (soon, very soon)....


January 12, 2012

Willa Wisp on eBay....

What fun we had with our first Spectra repaint, WILLA WISP! Mattel has put much thought and many fine touches into their top-quality facial sculpts in the Monster High line, and Spectra is certainly one of the coolest: the heavy-lidded eyes and hollowed cheekbones over pouting lips are a repainter's dream to interpret. We used blues and pinks and some striking green to complement her ultra-violetness.

WILLA is on eBay this evening (click here) in a five-day auction ending next Tuesday at the fantastically specific time of 7:11pm PST....


January 6, 2012

Sasha on eBay....

We are busily working away at our new 2012 dollies, and first up for the New Year is SASHA, a cutie-pie (well, aren't all these MH girls cute?) former Cleo De Nile. She looks kinda/sorta like a saucy schoolgirl in her twin pony-braid tails, and like some unidentifiable wild child when her scary hair is worn loose.

SASHA is on eBay tonight in a five-day auction ending next Wednesday, January 11. You can view her listing here....


January 3, 2012

2012 Commissions....

Happy New Year to everyone!

We want to thank our new clients who've adopted our dollies and those of you who enjoy looking at our creations here online. It's been a lot of fun for PRINCESS to enter the world of customized dolls (plus, she is the only girl in her school who has such an astronomical number of Monster High dolls shelved around the  house). As for me, FROG, I have really enjoyed working on these girls again after these five years away from repainting. Since I am a painter of portraits these days, I have a greater appreciation of pretty faces than ever before.

If you missed the Facebook postings in December, we would like to announce that, yes---PRINCESS+FROG is accepting repaint commissions. We have two spots left for winter--one in February and one in March, so please do email if you would like to book a customized doll. You can read more about commissioned dolls here.

We will be having a Monster High repaint auction sometime this week....please stay tuned!