November 27, 2012

Mi-Hi - Commission Showcase

Yet another addition to our commission showcase---this is MI-HI, Ellowyne re-imagined as a sweet Korean girl. Repainted to coordinate with many different hair colors, you can view her, too, as a platinum blonde on the front page of our sister-side, THE LILY POND, where we feature Asian-inspired repaints exclusively.

By the way, if you're a fan or collector of Asian repaints, please do email us if you'd like to be included on our private email list for The Lily Pond, where you'll receive updates to any dolls available for adoption.


November 26, 2012

Sasha - Commission Showcase

How nice it is to be back after a short (and busy) absence!

We've recently finished up a few fall/winter commissions, and this girl with the icy gaze is SASHA, our second Prudence Moody repaint,  awash with cool tints of pale blues, violet, grey and muted mauve. How different she looks from COCO, our first Prudence---being able to draw out such different faces from the same sculpt is what keeps repainting such a fun and challenging job.

In the coming weeks, we will have a few dolls available in the Adoption Room, including Gene and some Tonner girls. Keep tuned if you are looking for some lovely repaints at very nice prices!

For those of you emailing for commissions, we will have two spots available in January 2013. If interested, just email for details.


September 12, 2012

Lucimaria - a Dolly Adoption!

LUCIMARIA is a bit petulant in expression---one auburn brow is slightly arched and her scarlet lips barely pursed in disapproval. PRINCESS thinks she's jealous of some other beautiful doll, though LUCI is quite lovely enough to hold her own in the beauty department!

LUCIMARIA has been given a perm of swingy loose curls---quite a lot of hair! Those bright red locks coordinate perfectly with the repaint palette of pinks, coral, sienna and scarlet---she's so alive and warm in these colors.

LUCI is available in the Dolly Adoption room today!  Click here to view more pics and info.

The weather is turning chilly at night, here in Oregon. Here's looking forward to a cozy autumn season for all.


August 12, 2012

Vasyah - a Dolly Adoption!

At The Lily Pond, our sister blogsite featuring all-Asian repaints, an unusual beauty is available for adoption.

VASYAH v.1 is darkly exotic, with unique Eurasian features---almond eyes with a dash of theatrical liner made all the more penetrating shadowed by her straight black brows. She is Tonner's new Aiko sculpt from the Freedom For Fashion series; she has the small-busted delicate Antoinette body with fantastic articulation, and the pale cameo skintone. This pic shows her hair rolled and pinned, but she is sold with her original hair untied, long and loose.

More pics of VASYAH and info can be found in the Dolly Adoption room here at PRINCESS+FROG.

If you'd like to be first-to-know when The Lily Pond repaints are available for adoption, please email and let me know---I give a 24-hour heads up to those signed up on The Lily Pond list!


August 9, 2012

Nimue - a Dolly Adoption!

This bright-eyed missy we call NIMUE, our second repaint of Lizette, a former 'Essential/Wigged Out' which means this lovely auburn hair you see is a removable wig. We chose pastel floral hues to accentuate her vibrant green eyes--her colorful face looks flirty and fun framed in other wig colors---platinum and raven are my other favorites.

NIMUE is in the Dolly Adoption room today, with more pics to view. As always, layaway is available.

(Update: NIMUE is sold! Thanks for your interest!)....

Thanks for looking!


July 27, 2012

Coco - a Dolly Adoption!

Well, we finally--finally!--did a repaint of Miss Prudence Moody! And she's so sweet that we are honestly thinking here at PRINCESS+FROG that Ellowyne needs to disappear for awhile while we add a dozen more of Pru to our gallery (don't worry, that won't happen precisely---we have a lusciously naughty Ellowyne coming soon)!

Prudence has been renamed COCO for obvious reasons---I experimented with different eye colors and PRINCESS and I voted the dark-chocolate brown as winner. We added a swingy perm of chocolaty curls plus our hallmark straight brows to add some innocent oomph to her gaze. She is just impossibly cute.

COCO can be found in the Dolly Adoption room today--she has five more pics there to view. We hope you like our debut Prudence!


July 1, 2012

Sara Joy - a Dolly Adoption!

This extremely exotic lady is SARA JOY, a former Tonner Nu Mood Carrie, the latest dolly featured over at The Lily Pond, our blogsite devoted entirely to Asian repaints.

Most of my repaints begin with a wash of colored inks during the 'sketch' process, then are finished with acrylic paints. SARA JOY is an example of a technique involving extensive color glazing in many layers over a monochromatic underpainting. It takes days with continual adjustments. Opaque layers are added to finish. The result is depth and drama presented in an unusually soft style.

SARA JOY is available here on the Adoption Page today; you'll also find my Kish ANGEL Song repaint with a drastically reduced price---she is an exquisite little dolly, so we're really hoping someone will want to bring her home eventually!

A Happy and Safe Independence Day to all our American dolly friends!


June 22, 2012

Alexandrah on eBay....

ALEXANDRAH, our first repaint of Imperium Park's Theodora Curiosity Bennett, was an ambitious project! She was certainly one of the most challenging sculpts ever, with several symmetry conflicts that make a portrait-style repaint difficult. I solved the problem with some subtle resculpting of her features---her eyes a bit, but most notably her mouth, which is now closed, full-lipped and slightly pursed. Her eyes are gorgeous---big, brown, darkly-lined and thickly lashed, and shadowed in dramatic jewel shades. ALEXANDRAH can go from a long-haired old-fashioned Lady to a modern Miss with a simple change of clothes.

ALEXANDRAH is on eBay tonight in yet another of our Special Auctions---that's right, $1 opens, no reserve. You can view this beauty here; her auction ends in five days next Wednesday at precisely 711pm PST.

Happy Summer!


June 17, 2012

Lourdes on eBay....

Tonight on eBay we have the beloved former Simply Gene 2000, she of the long and lusciously wavy platinum tresses. We call her LOURDES.

With this dolly I revisited the look of my earliest Gene repaints, emphasizing pale half-lidded eyes and stylized brows; she is a little bit old-time glamour and a little bit fantastic---just the way I love Gene best.

You can view this five-day auction here. It ends on Friday, June 22 at 7:00pm PST, and is one of our Special Auctions---$1 opens and no reserve, which means there is a very good chance of acquiring this girl for an extremely good price!


June 4, 2012

Irina - Commission Showcase

This newly-completed commissioned dolly, IRINA, was a fun challenge. Her owner loved our recent Gene repaint (Vivienne) and wanted similar colors---lime-citrus eyes and a sleepy-sultry gaze and that vibrant persimmon-red mouth. We love the combination of those shades with her curly dark auburn hair!


May 19, 2012

Suzume - a Dolly Adoption!

Due to the curiosity regarding Miss SUZUME, who appeared yesterday in The Lily Pond, we've decided to list her for adoption rather than proceed with her planned auction next week...which still will happen if she doesn't find a home this week.

SUZUME is a former Ellowyne Wilde 'Prudence Dressed Me', and comes costumed in the kimono as shown. You can find more pics of her in the Dolly Adoption room.

She has a very interesting face, created with a traditional Asian style of gently pointed angles and neutral colors---peach and nude mauve and such. Her eyes are a deep umber and black, and her lashes very minimal. It was fun to bring a touch of the Orient to Ellowyne....I can't wait to do this look again on a blonde!


May 18, 2012

The Lily Pond

I'd like to introduce THE LILY POND, a special new blogsite showcasing my Asian repaints exclusively....

I'm a member of the small-but-dedicated group of fashion doll collectors who adore Asian sculpts and faces, and in recent months I've been indulging myself entirely---slowly creating an ongoing collection of Eastern-inspired beauties. Quite honestly, I'm repainting them all for me---the first time in my dolly career that I've had the time to do such a thing---but would love it if someone who shared my passion for Asian dolls would like to add one of my creations to their own collection.

So...THE LILY POND is where my new girls will be seen and available for adoption; being my spare-time project, there won't be a prolific amount of dolls being shown there, but I do hope they will reflect some of my best repaint work.

There are three dolls posted there now:  ANZU, formerly Tonner Aiko....ANGEL, which is my little Kish already shown here who didn't sell on eBay....and SUZUME, an Asian interpretation of Ellowyne. SUZUME doesn't yet have an active link with pics, as she will be auctioned in the coming weeks.

Shoot me an email if you'd like to be first-to-know about new dolls listed there . There will be more Tonner, Madame Alexander and even Disney sculpts coming up. Visit THE LILY POND here!


May 17, 2012

....special announcement!

Making way for summertime! School gets out in a month for PRINCESS and June starts the art exhibition season for me, FROG. While I continue to recover from my icky illness and get back on track with commissions, we've decided to have a really special summertime clean-out....

In the coming weeks, we'll be listing dollies on eBay at $1 opening bid with no reserve. Ellowyne, Imperium Park, Tonner, Gene will be listed. Auctions will be 5-days long. If you see a dolly that you like, please bid! This may be your chance to get a PRINCESS+FROG repaint for...a...very....low...price. 

The first girl available is the undoubtedly unusual HEAVEN, shown here. She's a former 'Sweetly Sullen' Ellowyne with a decidedly dual nature---take a look at her auction here and you'll see she is both beauty and bohemian. She is, actually, my personal favorite Ellowyne repaint and I do so want her to have a good home! Happy bidding!


May 14, 2012

Farina - Commission Showcase

This lovely floral-hued beauty is FARINA, a former Essential Ellowyne 4, another recently finished commissioned dolly. Her owner requested color and vibrancy and violet eyes---FARINA wears a garden palette of raspberry, fuchsia, marigold, violet, periwinkle, and peachy rose---perfect colors for those penny-colored tresses!


May 12, 2012

Cendrillon - Commission Showcase

This girl we call CENDRILLON, a just-finished commission for a client overseas. Formerly 'Stroke Of Midnight' Sydney Chase, her owner wished us to emphasize the fairytale look of this enchanting dolly. Her hair is a delight...a sort of lattice-work braid extending into long and loopy curls.

As some of you may know, we have been quite ill over at PRINCESS+FROG! PRINCESS had a very mild illness about six weeks ago, but poor ol' FROG has been hit hard with the dreaded Whooping Cough for the past month. With the help of some massive antibiotics, I'm at least not coughing in convulsions even if I'm not feeling altogether well---apparently I have some weeks to go on that. We are slowly getting back on track with our 2nd Quarter commissions and thank everyone for their understanding and patience.


May 2, 2012

Angel Song on eBay....

PRINCESS loves Monster High dolls, and FROG (that's me) loves Asian dolls. When I was a child, my Merchant Marine uncle brought me dolls from his travels in the East---Japan, Vietnam, China, Thailand, India. I wore them out over the years, just from holding them and touching their exotic costumes. To this day, I make a beeline towards dusty old Nishi dolls I find in antique shops and will bring them home if the price is right.

Lately I've been working on a selection of Asian repaints in various sculpts; I want to feature them all on a separate blog for those of you who also love Asian dolls. But more on that later....

This sweet little Kish Urban Song is the first of my Asian repaints offered for sale---her name is ANGEL SONG, and that is because she is so adorably angelic in her new curly platinum wig and dark side-glancing eyes. She comes with the blue kimono you see in the pic. She's on eBay tonight, in a 7-day auction ending Wednesday, May 16th. Click here to view more...

We're planning on a dolly adoption or two this month, but unfortunately, the little cough I had has turned into something more serious, and I've been bedridden the last week---things have gotten behind. Knock on wood that the cough will go away and PRINCESS and I can get our photo shoots finished!


April 27, 2012

Minka on eBay....

We've just put MINKA up on eBay tonight.

This dolly features a new lip style---we've always loved the pert open-mouth look, and a little re-sculpting has allowed an even more pert and open expression to be painted upon it....she's rather kissably cute!

This is a five-day auction ending on Wednesday. We hope someone decides to take her home!


April 4, 2012

Virginie - Commission Showcase

Today, a commission showcase: VIRGINIE, formerly the luscious Tonner Daphne Dimples! Another one of Tonner's most gorgeous sculpts, Daphne was from the old Brenda Starr line. VIRGINIE's owner (who also did the re-root of Tibetan lambswool) requested one of my favorite looks---smoky pale eyes and pastel hues all around.


March 31, 2012

Vivienne on eBay....

PRINCESS wasn't around back when ol' FROG was repainting a lot of Gene Marshall dolls, so she can't quite understand why I was so excited to start work on VIVIENNE, a repaint of Integrity's 'Essential Gene Blush'. It's because Gene is my #1 favorite doll, that's why!

But I've repainted just a few of the Integrity Genes; the sculpt is entirely different in many ways from the original Ashton Drake Gene, and for that reason seems like an entirely different doll to me. Integrity's sculpt is symmetrical and tight; there is little freedom to play with the features in the same way the looser Ashton Drake Gene sculpt allows.

More Gene repaints of both Integrity and Ashton Drake are in the works---I'm not entirely sure anyone out there still collects repainted Gene in her many guises, but if you do, perhaps you'll find a new girl to add to your collection. VIVIENNE? She's on eBay right here, in all her red-garbed glory....


March 29, 2012

Frogs, Princesses, and doing Art....

PRINCESS, also known as my daughter Kitty, was the instigator for us starting our repaint venture last winter 2011--but she has also been the main inspiration for me to renew my own personal exploration of art. For many years it was a struggle to have a young child and also feel the tug of wanting to create stuff---but well worth it to be able to create things with her now, especially with our shared love of dolls.

I know several repaint artists who, in the last decade, have had their daughters join their dolly enterprises as they grew older and began to demonstrate their own talents with dolls. We will no doubt have many second generation OOAK artists joining the world of repaints and fashion in the next decade!

For all those OOAK dolly moms out there, I invite you to visit artist Tammy Mae Moon's new blog, 'Creatrix', which seeks to inspire and connect artists who are moms, and discusses the rewards and challenges of juggling art and motherhood. It is not a doll-related blog, but is geared towards all who seek to balance motherhood and the artsy muse inside us.  Tammy just posted an interview with me, FROG---and several images of PRINCESS as I've painted her.  Click here to visit...

(The pic shown here is called 'Sleeping Dollies'---I never realized when I painted it that Kitty and I would someday share a dolly venture, but it certainly immortalizes the moment she fell in love with dolls, carrying this certain dolly around with her constantly---can you spot Simply Gene Blonde?!)


March 27, 2012

Commissions Open for April/May/June....

We're now taking repaint commissions for 2nd Quarter April/May/June 2012....

If you're interested in having a repaint created to your specifications, check out the 2012 Commissions page for fees and procedures.

Please email if you have questions or need additional information!


March 25, 2012

Bambi - a Dolly Adoption!

Are you needing a dolly to adopt?

BAMBI has lush dark blonde curls that are fun to play with, a pert and pouting persimmon mouth, and her big brown eyes will steal your heart!

An Ellowyne repaint of 'Mistakenly Sad', BAMBI awaits a new home on our Dolly Adoption page....layaways happily accepted!

(Bambi has since been sold and renamed GEORGIANA!)


Kimmee Kat on eBay....

This little charmer is KIMMEE KAT, our fashionista version of Monster High's Toralei Stripe. Her warm peachy tone is a perfect match with the frou-frou colors we've given her---pretty pink and turquoise and violet and vibrant green---but we had the most fun selecting the beach bunny (er, kitty) wig that now sets atop her cute little ears. She's divine as a blonde!

KIMMEE will be on eBay tonight at 610pm PST in a five-day auction ending on Friday (click here).....and....we've put an opening bid of just $1 with no reserve to celebrate getting our Facebook 'likes' up to 50 count!

Thanks for all your support!


March 22, 2012

Rainbow - Commission Showcase

The frostiest of the Monster High gang, Abbey Bominable, is shown here as RAINBOW, a name given her for the bounty of different colors painted upon her face...which are a bit hard to discern in this tiny photo! Emerald eyes shadowed in fuchsia, orange, cobalt, ivory and plum are lined with deep navy theatrically-styled lashes; her hair has been poofed for added volume....

(Speaking of Monster High, stay tuned: we have a Toralei repaint available this weekend!)....


March 21, 2012

Chloe - Commission Showcase

Introducing CHLOE, a 14" Kish Chrysalis Raven repaint who will go into the collection of a dear friend of mine! It's been some time since I had a Kish dolly in my hands---repainted at the same time was 14" Urban Song, who will show up on our blog in the future. Kish dolls continue to have some of the most endearing, recognizable and unique sculpts around.


March 4, 2012

Dinah Dryad on eBay....

No, no! We've not forgotten our Monster High fans, although recent weeks would leave you to believe that Ellowyne has taken over our studio....

This is DINAH DRYAD, daughter of a Wood Nymph, a wild little girl that PRINCESS and I dreamed up and are bringing to you tonight on eBay.

Formerly Clawdeen Wolf, you can read here on her auction layout about how she acquired that crazy green hair and lost her wolfish ears! (The photos are very storybookish; we used a 3D painting created by PRINCESS in 2008 for the background). Her opening bid is a little higher than usual, due to all...that...time...spent on her hair....


February 23, 2012

Siouxsie Too - Commission Showcase

Isn't that sneaky? In the midst of our many commissioned Ellowyne repaints, we managed to sneak in this repaint of Sydney Chase! She is called SIOUXSIE TOO, after a most favorite past dolly from some years back, as she shares a similar face. Sydney: our vote for Tonner's most unique and beautiful sculpt.


February 22, 2012

Prem - Commission Showcase

Our final dolly in our commissioned Essential Ellowyne trio is PREM, very much the naughty one of the three. She has two-tone turquoise and vibrant green fantasy-styled eyes shadowed in fun shades of cobalt, plum, bright fuchsia and powdered chartreuse. One eyebrow is slightly raised, and her mouth is open just a bit---she's saying something!


February 21, 2012

Beatrix - Commission Showcase

Continuing with the second of our Essential Ellowyne commissioned repaints, this is the redhead, BEATRIX. She's been repainted with pale lilac eyes that have been scaled in size to more realistic proportions; her lips are a muted coral highlighted with the same rose-pink coloring her cheeks. She's peaceful, quiet, shy and simply pretty.


February 20, 2012

Audra - Commission Showcase

We began commissioned work on three Essential Ellowynes---blonde, red and brunette---in January. The first of these is AUDRA, a dolly who now wears a side-glancing look of curiosity on her face; she has darling big green eyes lined in emerald and azure blue, and a perky persimmon-colored mouth with lips pursed into a tiny ooo!

On Tuesday and Wednesday we'll post the second and third of this trio....


February 19, 2012

A Dolly Adoption!

We can't let February pass without some dolly that was born to wear red, and SABINE certainly fits that description. A former 'Sushi For One' Ellowyne, she is the original version of last post's MARCHELINE and shares her facial features as well as her technique---SABINE is a grisaille repaint layered with transparent color that creates a vintage effect.

SABINE is available on the Dolly Adoption page today; please take a look if you wish to provide her a new home!


February 16, 2012

Marcheline - Commission Showcase

This exotic little beauty is MARCHELINE, an Ellowyne Wilde repaint/restyle and one of our newly completed February commissioned dollies.

MARCHELINE is an example of a grisaille repaint...she was first repainted in monochromatic shades of mixed sepia/black/white, and then transparent color glazed atop. Her owner loves the vintagey look!

MARCHELINE's hair was restyled with two braids tied atop and behind her head. We love this look on the long, straight-haired Ellowynes; it's easy to do and goes from exotic to elegant if you tie the length back, too, into a ponytail.

If you like MARCHELINE, stay tuned for an upcoming Dolly Adoption for a raven-haired version of Ellowyne with this same face.


February 14, 2012

Bella Past Midnight on eBay....

We're excited to finally debut a Tonner dolly!

PRINCESS has set me free to do pretty much as I please on the 16" Tonners, so all those future girls who will be appearing here have their inception in my paint-hazed brain (insert gleeful grin here!). The first of these is BELLA PAST MIDNIGHT, a smoky-eyed repaint of 'Bella's Birthday'.

Offered in an absolutely gorgeous gown by Gaylejoy, this is a grown-up BELLA who has seen more than a few moonlit nights on Edward's arm! Gosh--I really loved this ensemble, which has been in my personal collection for several years--but once I dressed her in it for the photoshoot, I knew I had to let it go with BELLA herself (well, to be honest there was a tug of war over the idea--PRINCESS wanted to keep both BELLA and her dress!).

Check out the photos of the beauteously dressed BELLA here. This seven-day auction ends next Tuesday night at 650pm PST.


February 9, 2012

Raven on eBay....

RAVEN is an obvious name for our first Lizette repaint, given that she's wearing the raven's-wing black 'Feeling Drained' wig---but it's also just a cool name for this chic honey-skinned dolly with the big blue charcoal-lined eyes. Of note is the style in which she's been painted, which hearkens back to the 'illustrated' look of my past repaints---a combination of super-soft brushwork with some defined lines that are more artwork than simple face-up. PRINCESS calls her face artistic, so we're going with that!

RAVEN is a gorgeous girl who has been purposefully repainted in colors that will go with just about any wig color you can think of, even with her thick dark brows. We are very limited in our Wilde I. wig selection here, otherwise we would have taken many more photos of various colors, but we can tell you RAVEN looks smashing in many shades of red/auburn and blonde (especially platinum).

We had fun searching our wardrobe and narrowing down the choices of what she would wear in her photo layout. Her colors are plum, fuchsia, emerald, cobalt blue, rosy pink---so many of the dark or vivid Ellowyne fashions look perfect on RAVEN, but in the end we stayed with our birdy theme and went with some basic black in a sparkly rhinestone-accented vintage Tonner jacket.

RAVEN is on eBay tonight in a five-day auction ending on Tuesday. You can view her right here....


Bubbles on eBay....

Our second Lagoona repaint is on eBay tonight, and her name is BUBBLES---her greatest love is hanging out on the beach with a frankenberry dacquirie in hand, watching the sun go down! Like our recent 'Pin-Up' Frankie, BUBBLES has cheesecake tendancies and the camera loves her. :)

BUBBLES is in a five-day auction ending next Tuesday---view more photos and her info right here....


February 3, 2012

Lilli - Commission Showcase

Introducing LILLI, one of our commissioned dolls finished this week, just in time to show off for Valentine's Day. Formerly Essential Ellowyne Debut, we transformed her into this sweet-faced girl with a curly bobbed hairdo and big side-glancing sky blue eyes. She has extra high-color on her cheeks to give her an especially flushed look---she is most certainly dressed up with someplace to go :)


January 30, 2012

A Dolly Adoption!

There is a precious Frankie available today in our Dolly Adoption room, and because she was such a natural for our camera, we decided to call her PIN-UP! There are lots of pics to look at---if you're so inclined, please take a look and let us know if you'd like to bring her home.

Some additional news....

*....we are busy finishing up January commissions and getting ready to start February dollies....January folks can expect to get some updates with photos soon (don't you love that word, soon!)....

*....Lizette arrives in our little home by the lake today; PRINCESS will choose the makeover details for one of them, while FROG gets to choose the look for the other. One will be up for auction, the other will be available in the Dolly Adoption February? We hope so....

*....we have several Tonner dolls that are ready to go; we've been waiting to get our studio lamps set-up in order to get optimal pics....

*....regarding shipping! We are finally getting some smaller shipping boxes to fit our Monster High cartons, so hopefully this will save on both domestic and international shipping in the future. We've sent a few dolls to international destinations via First-Class mail, and they've arrived faster than both Express and Priority (go figure!).

*....we've had some requests for layaway options. Yes! If you'd like to purchase one of our dolls and need a payment plan, we'll be happy to do a short-term layaway for you....

That's all for today!


January 24, 2012

Aimee Luv - Commission Showcase

Well, a commissioned repaint of Monster High's Cupid wasn't precisely what her new owner was expecting, so AIMEE LUV's face has been mostly removed and reworked since this photo was taken---but we liked this first version enough to put her in the Gallery as an example of our debut Cupid repaint!

Since Mattel hasn't officially released this doll yet (I believe that date is, understandably, Valentine's Day), you can find her only on eBay for an arm and a piece of your heart---but rest assured that PRINCESS and I will get right to work on repainting her the moment she arrives in our little village here by the lake!


January 23, 2012

Bebe on eBay....

We are wading into dangerous territory with our MH repaints lately, because twice in the last week PRINCESS has asked why we 'just can't keep them'. Now, this is a strange request coming from her, because she has a vast collection of Monster High dolls kept strictly for 'posing and dressing' (she insists she doesn't play with them), and she is adamant that these play---er, posing---dolls are original-paint versions. But suddenly our repaints are exuding some kind of appeal to her and she's coming up with reasons why they must remain at our house. 'Just to look at', she says (just).

While PRINCESS continues to try convincing FROG to keep our dollies for at-home eye-candy purposes, we managed to put our first Abbey Bominable repaint on eBay in a five-day auction ending on Saturday at our usual time of 7:11pm PST.

You can view her---BEBE---here....


January 22, 2012

Ruby - Commission Showcase

We at PRINCESS+FROG are finishing up some of our January commissioned repaints, and will be sharing some of them for your Dolly Viewing Pleasure as they are completed.

This precious girl is RUBY, formerly Essential Ellowyne, Too---brown-eyed and possessing simple but effective (as we like to say) beauty! We love her cascading copper curls (tied in a topknot and pinned) and especially her apple-red lips. She is wearing Tonner's Red Apple Rouge sweater dress ensemble. PRINCESS wanted to keep this dolly---but then, she is starting to want to keep all our repaints lately (ahem), and not just the Monster High ones.

Stay tuned for more commissioned dollies being shown off here, as well as a super-cool Abbey Bominable auction coming up (soon, very soon)....


January 12, 2012

Willa Wisp on eBay....

What fun we had with our first Spectra repaint, WILLA WISP! Mattel has put much thought and many fine touches into their top-quality facial sculpts in the Monster High line, and Spectra is certainly one of the coolest: the heavy-lidded eyes and hollowed cheekbones over pouting lips are a repainter's dream to interpret. We used blues and pinks and some striking green to complement her ultra-violetness.

WILLA is on eBay this evening (click here) in a five-day auction ending next Tuesday at the fantastically specific time of 7:11pm PST....


January 6, 2012

Sasha on eBay....

We are busily working away at our new 2012 dollies, and first up for the New Year is SASHA, a cutie-pie (well, aren't all these MH girls cute?) former Cleo De Nile. She looks kinda/sorta like a saucy schoolgirl in her twin pony-braid tails, and like some unidentifiable wild child when her scary hair is worn loose.

SASHA is on eBay tonight in a five-day auction ending next Wednesday, January 11. You can view her listing here....


January 3, 2012

2012 Commissions....

Happy New Year to everyone!

We want to thank our new clients who've adopted our dollies and those of you who enjoy looking at our creations here online. It's been a lot of fun for PRINCESS to enter the world of customized dolls (plus, she is the only girl in her school who has such an astronomical number of Monster High dolls shelved around the  house). As for me, FROG, I have really enjoyed working on these girls again after these five years away from repainting. Since I am a painter of portraits these days, I have a greater appreciation of pretty faces than ever before.

If you missed the Facebook postings in December, we would like to announce that, yes---PRINCESS+FROG is accepting repaint commissions. We have two spots left for winter--one in February and one in March, so please do email if you would like to book a customized doll. You can read more about commissioned dolls here.

We will be having a Monster High repaint auction sometime this week....please stay tuned!