December 17, 2011

A Dolly Adoption!

Wow---her hair is really blue!

This is GARDEN OF EVA, a Monster High Ghoulia Yelps repaint, and she is waiting for a new home in our Dolly Adoption room, right here! Several pretty photos are there to look at.

Thanks for visiting!


December 14, 2011

Lena on eBay....

Introducing a spookishly sweet girl, LENA! On eBay, tonight!

Well, if you've read our PRINCESS+FROG page that tells about our repaint team, you know that PRINCESS has the first and final say on just about everything we do.

Unfortunately, we had a disagreement over our first Draculaura repaint, because PRINCESS wanted her to be all sweetness and hearts, and FROG (that's me) wanted her to be...uh...scary.

In the end, we reached a mutually satisfactory compromise, because although LENA is a gothic girl, she does have big, round, luminously innocent eyes that are anything but frightening.

LENA's auction can be viewed here....

(Did you miss the Dolly Adoption update? Stay tuned this Saturday, December 17th at 6:00pm PST for a Monster High repaint available here on our blog....)


Penelope on eBay....

PENELOPE, listed on eBay tonight, is the epitome of all that is blonde and cute, and we think she has a bit of that 'It' factor that made us all love Barbie when we were little. She's formerly a 'Red, White and Very Blue' Ellowyne Wilde---our number one favorite Ellowyne doll!

You can view PENELOPE's auction here---everything is quite bright and red and persimmony on that page (she is a lovely model, too)---a little bit of warmth for this cool December evening.

By the way, we want to again thank everyone who emailed about and bid on our first Ellowyne repaint, Carina. That there are so many fans of Ellowyne is exciting!