November 29, 2011

Carina on eBay....

Isn't she precious? This is Carina, our first Ellowyne Wilde repaint, and she is sweet!

There are so many whimsical, outrageous and delightful outfits in the Ellowyne line that we wanted out first makeover of her to reflect that same sense of fun. How to do that? Well, the copper-red wig we chose is fabulous---it's made of deliciously soft synthetic mohair and reaches...all...the way her glorious bright auburn waves. So dramatic and storybookish!

Carina has been repainted in muted shades---brown, wine, coral, rose to complement the warmth of her hair. Her eyes are doefully brown and delicately fringed with a multitude of handpainted lashes; our favorite part is her mouth, which is slightly open to show a glimpse of teeth.

Carina is up on eBay tonight---you can view her listing with all the pretty photos here.... Her auction ends on December 6th at 610pm PST.

Wishing all our dolly-loving readers clear coasting into the holiday season!


November 27, 2011

Adam Gloom on eBay....

Adam Gloom is our boyfriend addition to the gaggle of pretty-faced Monster High gals we've created; after studying the available guys, we decided someone with super charismatic quotient was needed, and Adam certainly fills that description. Jackson Jeckyll no more, he is now blue-lipped, green-eyed, stitched, scarred and pierced. What monstrous-minded girl can resist that? 

Adam is on eBay this evening, and his auction ends next Sunday at 6:30pm PST. You can view him here....

We will having our first Ellowyne Wilde auction in a few days, so stay  tuned to see that coppery fairytale beauty soon!


November 15, 2011

Nora on eBay....

PRINCESS is a virtual encyclopedia on all things related to Monster High, and she says that Cleo De Nile isn't the friendliest of all the MH girls! Feeling rebellious, we decided to repaint our first Cleo with a big-eye innocent expression that just begs for a hug. The result is NORA.

For her photo shoot, PRINCESS dressed her in a Silkstone gown as well as one of Clawdeen's outfits; you can see what a versatile dolly she is. That's what's so fun about Monster High dolls; they can segue from pretty to edgy in the blink of an eye.

NORA is on eBay tonight in a 7-day auction ending next Tuesday. You can click here for her link....

Don't forget our Dolly Adoption tomorrow night! Tune in at 7:00pm PST on Wednesday for another pretty dolly available for sale directly from this blogsite!


November 8, 2011

Ayleen Wulf on eBay....

Our new auction starting tonight features Clawdeen. Formerly, she was a Dawn of the Dance model and had chic bright-green bobbed hair….but then we had our first Monster Hair emergency when we decided to wash and trim her 'do and ended up with a lime-colored mess....

PRINCESS chose a super-soft cinnamon-colored mohair wig to fix things up, and lo—AYLEEN WULF was created and she is indeed darling. The wig is pinned on, so it can be removed if someone is so inclined to do that. It’s easy to fit a wig to Clawdeen in spite of her ears; just some careful cutting to the cap is involved.

Click here to go to Ayleen’s auction. The starting bid is a little higher since we added a nice quality wig, but our aim is to keep the opening price on our auctioned dolls relatively low. This is a 5-day auction ending this Sunday, November 13.

We have some really cute dollies coming up soon!