October 31, 2011

Welcome to Princess + Frog!

Hey, there--welcome to our new blog! 

We are PRINCESS + FROG, a little artist and a big artist who have been wanting to collaborate on creating doll repaints for some time now. Pairing experience and enthusiasm with a love of pretty faces, we've finally taken the plunge and decided to do it, and we're hoping for some fun and success in our venture. 

PRINCESS is keen on Monster High and Ellowyne, so there are a few of these little beauties in-the-works right now, but don't be surprised to see absolutely any kind of dolly grace our Gallery of Pretty Faces page (in fact, we especially like our big-eyed Cissy and little Sophie repaints showing there).

Two other pages found on our menu:  the eBay page will show a splash pic of any doll currently being auctioned on eBay, with start and stop times. The Dolly Adoption page will list any repaints available for direct sale through us (our eBay ID reflects a history of glowingly positive repaint feedback, so bid & buy with confidence).

Take a look at the sidebar, right--- you can find links to subscribe to this blog...or you can head off to Facebook and 'like' us there---both places are where you can receive updates about the next-and-newest dollies we will have available.

Thank you so much for visiting today! We hope you stay in touch.

(a little about us here)