August 18, 2017

Haruko on eBay....

HARUKO is my first Asian interpretation of Amber Stanhope---Ellowyne’s frienemy---and I’m very tickled with how she turned out. I love Japanese anime, and she's a little bit of that with a little touch of geisha---she’s fun, unusual and pretty! I was looking at my other Amber repaints and am really amazed at how versatile this doll's face can be, repaint-speaking! 

HARUKO has been sculpted with gesso to slightly reshape her eyes and lips; her colors are cool shades of periwinkle and cobalt, with lavender and rose brightening up the dashes of powdered white. Her wig is an old favorite: the JRock crimped wig in blue-black shot with hot pink, partially tied in a two knotted ponytails, attached with pins and easily removable---it is so suited to traditional Asian attire such as the kimono shown in the pics, but add a simple black or platinum pageboy wig and modern fashions and she’s utterly precious!

HARUKO will debut on eBay tonight in a 7-day auction ending at 7pm PST Friday, August 25. Her opening bid is just $1 with no reserve. You can view that auction here to read all additional info.

On another note, I was happy to announce that the PRINCESS+FROG Facebook page repaint giveaway of Danni, a Tonner Angelina repaint, went to Elizabeth Mills of Annapolis! I hope Elizabeth is enjoying her!

Thanks all for your continuing interest in my dollies….


July 24, 2017

Danni - a Repaint Giveaway!

I’ve been doing some summer organizing of my home, and that includes my dolly inventory. A few of my display models need new homes! I thought it might be fun to have a giveaway for some of these girls; coming to live at your house is far better than living in a box at mine :)

The first doll up for grabs is DANNI, a gorgeous Tonner Angelina repaint. She’s got smoldering smoky eye shadowing contrasting neutral peachy-pink cheeks and a pouty mouth in muted pale mauve….she looks fabulous in modern fashions (love anything black on her) and I always thought she had a sort of Malibu Barbie vibe, too (goodness, how I loved that doll back in 1971!!) DANNI's sandy-blonde Nu Mood wig is attached with pins and therefore removable. She will come to the giveaway winner nude in her original box with stand, COA and shipper. Shipping is on me (USPS Priority Mail), whether you are in the USA or overseas.

To be entered in this giveaway, please ‘like’ its post here on Facebook. If you’re not on Facebook, just email me your name and I’ll add you to the list of entries. I’ll collect participants over the next few weeks and do the drawing on August 7th. The winner will be notified immediately and DANNI shipped to her new home.

(I'll also be having a new auction coming up very soon. Hint: a friend of Ellowyne).


June 20, 2017

Francesca - a Dolly Adoption!

Available for adoption today is the colorful FRANCESCA, a former Ashton Drake Simply Gene Blonde who begged to have her golden locks chopped off and this vibrant flame-haired wig perched atop her head instead. Dashes of fuchsia, gold, and coral mixed with ruby-red frame her emerald eyes and are a perfect match for the Tonner Betty wig; she’s a Gene with a fiery modern attitude.

The Simply Gene head and body used for this repaint has no staining and no yellowing at all; however, her neck seam is not sealed. If you turn her head and strain the seam, it will open slightly. Typically, I would super-glue such a seam, but I’ve not done this as it’s barely noticeable unless you actually turn her head and try to open it. However, I have reduced her price quite a bit!

You can view FRANCESCA in the Dolly Adoption room; just email if you’d like to bring her home.


May 6, 2017

Miss Victoria on eBay....

When PRINCESS+FROG debuted back in 2011, it was Ellowyne Wilde who became my special repaint muse. I always looked forward to seeing what new personality I could draw forth from that charmingly round little face. It was disappointing to learn that Ellowyne production had recently come to an end at Wilde Imagination; you can be sure that I’ll appreciate this sweet doll even more than before as she becomes harder to find.

This brunette beauty is my first Ellowyne repaint in quite a while; upon completing her, she accompanied me to our dolly wig closet and one by one we went through the selections. She chose this style---cocoa-colored, soft and faux mohair, cute and kind of sweetly untidy. I tied it atop her head and lo and behold, she became MISS VICTORIA in that moment---sometimes the name just appears on their lips! (I should mention she looks darling in other styles, too---deep auburn curls  and platinum white blonde boy-cut were my other wig choices. It’s that clear blue in her eyes and the cobalt on her lids---it leaves so many color possibilities).

MISS VICTORIA has been listed on eBay tonight in my favorite kind of auction---$1 opening bid and no reserve! It’s a 7-day run, ending next Saturday at 630pm PST (west coast time). Click here to go to her auction and see a few more photos of this girl.

It’s so good to be back repainting; I can’t tell you how fun it is to immerse myself in dollies again!


May 5, 2017

Marietta - a Dolly Adoption!

MARIETTA, a Hollywood Cissy repaint, has just been listed on the Dolly Adoption page. This girl has been by my side for many years. I repainted her in 2005 during a week at a local art gallery, demonstrating what doll repainting was all about. She then traveled with me whenever I showed my repaints and was displayed to many adoring eyes---children were completely awestruck with her and often thought MARIETTA was real! Those were fun days.

Although she's cute as a bug, she is mini show-stopper in her original Hollywood Cissy glam ensemble. I'm including it with her, and you can see a pic of what it looks like on the Adoption page.

MARIETTA herself is in excellent condition for her age; I didn't find any real flaws on her. Her blonde wig has been loosened from the original style; with moistened fingers it can be reshaped and the curls made a little more defined and smooth, but it is a bit wild and curly.

If your heart melts at cute faces, this dolly might win your heart!


March 19, 2017

Momoko - Commission Showcase

Goodness, the date of my last post is 2014! And here we are, three years later in 2017, rolling out a new repaint once more---all dolly repainters know it: no matter how long we stay away from a dolly face, we always come back eventually!

This sweet little girl is ‘Momoko’, formerly an Effner Ana repainted on commission for a very dear client of mine. Not only does she get a mention here, but she also is headed for a place in The Lily Pond’s gallery. (If you don’t recall what the Lily Pond is, it’s a little side project of mine, a place where I showcase only Asian dolls).

But back to the business of repainting. It’s true that Princess+Frog has been away from the doll world for a few years. What’s wonderful is how many clients still keep in touch, both personally and in being Facebook friends. My commission book has been open off and on, but for the most part I’ve been busy with other things (real-people faces, and also horses---horses not an unwelcome distraction, eh?). Yet dolls always remain, a few from my own collection sitting on my shelves and winking at me daily. I think now is the time to get the tiny brushes out for the tiny faces and get back to work.

So what do I have coming up? A gorgeous Ellowyne repaint. A Gene repainted in the old ‘Illustrated Girl’ style. A kinda-sorta goth Angelina. I have older Tonners remaining in my nude-doll inventory, and I really must put some faces upon them. And because I so much enjoyed painting little Momoko pictured here, I’ll be adding more Asian dolls to The Lily Pond. I'll be listing the dolls available here and on my Facebook page.

Let the fun begin; it’s great to be back! Do drop me a line if you’d like to chat, or let me know what kind of repaints you’d like to see in the future---there certainly are some new faces out there to explore.


March 30, 2013

Katsue - a Dolly Adoption!

Introducing KATSUE, our second Prudence Moody repaint, now a gentle-eyed Asian cutie. She is the latest addition to our sister-site, The Lily Pond, where all-Asian repaints are showcased.

She's had subtle sculpting to eyes and mouth to create complementary almond shapes within her face---with all the Asian dolls I've repainted, I use this technique to create a repetitive harmony throughout; with KATSUE, it's ovals---with some of the others, I've used triangular shapes (hmm, a form of facial feng shui?).

KATSUE's colors are unusual for me; I tend to choose pinks or browns for neutrality's sake, but this time the dolly asked for these beautiful soft shades of cobalt and turquoise and emerald and citrine. Her eyes are a dark brown; they may look nearly black in the photos but are more noticeably brown in person. KATSUE's lips have been painted deep fuchsia to match the streak of color in her black hair. Her brows are brown-black, and are thick and straight.

KATSUE was listed for adoption yesterday at The Lily Pond, where all-Asian repaints are showcased....if you go there, you can see other photos of her. KATSUE has already found a home, but if you'd like to be on The Lily Pond first-to-know email list, just drop us a line with your email address. My Asian repaints are available to purchase one day before they are listed here at PRINCESS+FROG or on Facebook!


March 22, 2013

Basmah - a Dolly Adoption!

There are still several Simply Genes left in our dolly storage room---I've hidden them from PRINCESS, who adores their wild hair---to save them for myself, because Gene remains my favorite doll of all time. I know there are a few of you out there who also love her, which gives me a reason to repaint her every now and then!

This is BASMAH, and her face is exquisite---rather sensuous and wistful---classic Gene soulfulness. A former Ashton Drake 'Simply Gene Raven', she is in excellent shape for a vintage doll. She's available tonight in the Dolly Adoption room for a very reasonable price, and looking for a new home!


March 19, 2013

Leilani - Commission Showcase

I've never been sure how Evangeline Ghastly would look as a repaint, but LEILANI---our first repaint of Miss Ghastly---made me and PRINCESS realize that she's a pretty cool dolly.

What we've been missing!

PRINCESS is now scouring the Wilde Imagination website for another Ev and making a huge wishlist of outfits she'd like to have....while I have my sights set on transforming Parnilla in the near future---I find her face irresistible.

It isn't fair that dolls can be such fun for grown-ups!


February 21, 2013

Shoshanna - a Dolly Adoption!

Better late than never! A few things came up in the past weeks, so we didn't get our planned dollies up here on the blog, but I'm happy to present now SHOSHANNA, our second Amber repaint.

The hair color options for a wigged doll are always so numerous---and I'm a Libra and PRINCESS is a little girl---so of course we have a long and difficult time deciding what makeup colors to use for face and lips. For SHOSHANNA, we settled on our favorite neutral palette that will coordinate with lotsa different-colored wigs, and created a face that smolders forth a smoky charcoal-lined gaze framing emerald eyes. She is being sold with her platinum wig, however, no matter how much we wanted to put her in deep auburn curls or punky pink & black.

(PRINCESS thinks she's far prettier than Ellowyne---that's an opinion bound to start some jealous fights between the girls!)

SHOSHANNA is available in the Dolly Adoption room right now. More pictures are there, too, so please do take a look if you'd like to bring her home.


January 1, 2013

Gina - Commission Showcase

Starting the New Year off with Amber!

Introducing GINA, a repaint/rewig of Ellowyne's best frienemy, who graces us with arched brows for that haughty look and a tiny flare of upper lip to indicate her displeasure at me fiddling about her face with a paintbrush---just the attitude our client requested on this commissioned doll.

Amber's large-eyed sculpt presented a variety of challenges that I was eager to tackle, and it was a blast working out different expressions on her face. While working on this commissioned doll, I was also repainting our own Amber who'll be offered for adoption here very soon---stay tuned for that---she looks completely different from this girl!


November 27, 2012

Mi-Hi - Commission Showcase

Yet another addition to our commission showcase---this is MI-HI, Ellowyne re-imagined as a sweet Korean girl. Repainted to coordinate with many different hair colors, you can view her, too, as a platinum blonde on the front page of our sister-side, THE LILY POND, where we feature Asian-inspired repaints exclusively.

By the way, if you're a fan or collector of Asian repaints, please do email us if you'd like to be included on our private email list for The Lily Pond, where you'll receive updates to any dolls available for adoption.